• Madonna chante en rromani à Londres

    Ce n'est pas une blague. Lors de son concert récent à Londres, Madonna a chanté une chanson avec le groupe "Gogol Bordello", partiellement en rromani. Il s'agit du tube "La Isla bonita" revisité. Vous pouvez voir la vidéo sur youtube, en cliquant ICI 


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    Mercredi 5 Septembre 2007 à 11:58
    Madonna's English better than international institutions' one
    Madonna speaks English better than the International institutions : in her performance in London, before singing in Rromani her famous song "LA ISLA BONITA" arranged with the Rromani song "LE LA PALA TU8E", she introduced her "Rromani Gypsy friends" as one can hear on the tape, and not any "Roma Gypsy friend" as would international jargon say. Saying "Roma people" is a barbarism for any British educated ear, since the form "Romany", later "Romani" has entered the English vocabulary as early as the 19th century. Unfortunately, foreigners (mainly Germans) have forced into the recent political cant of European institutions and of various foundations and NGO the inappropriate form "Roma" as if the Rromani people had been discovered only recenty in the middle of the European jungle..."
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